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Narcissus 2017


view from outside, Prima Center Berlin: dogma I am god, 82×63 cm, alu-dibond, oil, 2017

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»Pssst«  Soundpiece

Bild Verteiler-team

Paul und Sören

Abbildung CD Cover

CD-Cover, together with Barbara Hindahl and Fritz Stier, Design Ralph Hackeland


PSSST-Info Flyer

Performance 10th October 2010 and December 2012, Mannheim Midtown, 9:30 pm to 10 pm

“Pssst” [a German interjection meaning shush] is as much a request for silence as a call for attention. Hindahl, Stier and Wolf, the initiators of KING KONG contemporary art project, here instigate the performance of their own project. 1,000 Cds with self-recorded hush-sounds (pssst) had been distributed throughout Mannheim Midtown together with a written invitation to the inhabitants to participate in the performance on the opening-night: people living in mid-Mannheim were asked to play the CD during a specified period (one and a half hours long), putting their loud-speakers into the windows, so that the sound would be audible on the streets.
A ‘disturbance of the peace by night’ happened that developed into a concert. The musical score of the piece was formed through contingency of the exact time of play-back and reactions of passers-by on the streets.


Mural Painting

Andreas Wolf

Studio h7/15, Mannheim Germany, 2007



visual artist

view from inside

visual artist

view through the Window


»einlamamalnie«, Spraypaint on acrylic glass, view from outside, 146×177 cm


For his exhibition in Peng! Raum für Kunst, Mannheim, Andreas Wolf created a painting designated to be shown in the one window of the room, which formerly had been a shop with a large display window. The »canvas« is a sheet of Plexiglas of exactly the same dimensions as the shop window, on which spray paint was applied using stencils. The work is semitransparent.

The title »einlamamalnie« (tranlates roughly as »never paint a llama«) as a palindrome (a word or phrase that reads the same forward or reversed) here indicates the dominating principle
of the work, namely that it has two identical sides, it is the same picture from front or back and insofar has no front and back, but two identical fronts which can be viewed either from the street, looking inside, or from the room, looking outside.

Through, on the one hand, mirror-effects and parallels – similarity and repetition –, and diversity of spatial aspects and light incidence – difference – on the other, a complex formation of different appearances of the same picture occurs.

Air-modell 1-ZW Typ a1

Foto Installation

Outline-model of One-room-arpartment, view from the high-rises of Brunnengarten, Herzogenart 2011

Foto Installation

Outline-model of One-room-arpartment, Herzogenart 2011

Foto Installation

Outline-model of One-room-arpartment, Herzogenart 2011

»Herzogenart – Public Spaces Private Views« Herzogenried, Mannheim 2011

The high-rises of Mannheim’s district “Herzogenried”, built in the 1970s, are an example of modular construction. Each and every one of the apartments consists of the exact same modular elements.
The artist built a 1:1 model of a One-room-apartment by forming a frame, representing the outline of the apartment, from rough sawn battens. The airy gazebo-like structure was placed on a lawn between the tallest buildings of the quarter and invited visitors to walk about in it