Kolonie Wedding in
Finnland, 2017


Kolonie Wedding | Contemporary Art from Berlin


Opening: 15.09.2017, 6pm, Hyvinkää Art Museum, Finland

Exhibition of ten contemporary Berlin based visual artists and six video artists in Hyvinkää Art Museum, Finland. The Kolonie Wedding is an association of project art spaces in the Berlin borough of Wedding, founded in 2001 and consisting of 23 project spaces to date.

All of the artists shown in the Hyvinkää exhibition are in one way or another associated with the Kolonie Wedding, six of them are themselves organisers of one of the project spaces.

The exhibition in Hyvinkää Art Museum aims at showing a broad variety of Berlin contemporary art. The Kolonie Wedding can be seen as a kind of paradigm – as an example of Berlin’s art scene with its exceptionally fertile atmosphere and probably unique culture of networks and discourses.

Opening Sound-Performance: Harri Sjöström, Teppo Hauta-aho



Jovan Balov, Tom Früchtl, Pablo Hermann, Jörg Hommer, Henrik Jacob, Karen Koltermann, Reiner Maria Matysik, Matthias Mayer, Karen Scheper, Prof. Ira Schneider, Gabriele Stellbaum, Artist-Duo Stoll&Wachall, Kata Unger, Veronika Witte, Andreas Wolf

Curated by Andreas Wolf, Dr. Anna E. Wilkens and Dr. Mika Karhu

project website: http://weddingfinland.de